Exercise and Rehabilitation Service

An exercise and rehabilitation specialist focuses on addressing the underlying ‘dysfunction’ that can lead to musculoskeletal pain. Symptoms can be the result of a ‘shortcoming’ of the musculoskeletal system which can be identified and rectified using exercises and/or stretches.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, rehabilitation is not just for athletes nor only to be used after pain or injury has occurred, rehabilitation can be tailored to individuals of any fitness level and can be very effective at injury prevention too.

A functional assessment will help to identify individual ‘weaknesses’ so that a tailored exercise programme can be designed to meet individual needs. These exercise programmes can include any combination of muscle strength, muscle endurance, muscle flexibility, joint mobility, balance and proprioception and motor control (the way that they move day-to-day) exercises.

It is vital that patients understand their active role in this particular type of treatment and any concerns can be discussed before agreeing to participate.